Monday, July 25, 2011

Ink Graffiti

Here's the finished illustration! Just need to see if it all gets approved for print now.

Pen and Photoshop.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Tattoo Collage

Been tattooing on weekends for a few months now, and though many are still works in progress as I get the outlines done first and all healed up before hitting em with colour/greywash in most cases, its going really well. Having a blast picking it all up!
If you're keen on getting awesome tattoos all custom drawn up from scratch email me on or come down to the studio and ask for Ryan - INK KINGS at 138 Main Rd. McLaren Vale 5171, (08) 8323 7854. I'll be charging $100/hr for a while as well.

Graffiti Style T-shirt

Been working on a graff styled tshirt/hoodie design for the tattoo studio. Thinking of having the graff on the back nice n large and the girl - in colour - on the left side of the chest on the front... Hopefully these will get made in the near future!